male masturbation at it's best
Welcome to Male Milking Machine!

We make real sex toys for real people!

What makes our Male Milking Machines the Best on the market?

There are a few machines on the market that stroke.

But can not offer full use with accessories

They do not have the ability for suction, or range of accessories,
and the full use of them at the same time with one machine.

Here we offer packages suitable for 2-8 ON ONE MACHINE!

Young or old our machines work!

Happy satisfied customers from 23 to 81 YES ****81*****

Patented pending unique machines suction and pulsation

No condoms

Easy clean-up

Use from start to finish!

Use alone or with your partner, friend or buddy(special unique attachments sold seperately)
Our machines can be used with up to 8 or more attachments with no loss of power!

No assembly required

No batteries uses 110 household current

Great for men of all ages!

1 year warranty on all machines

Comes complete no extra purchases necessary

***********So sit back and read through the site****************

And remeber the Dr's Golden rule for your member use it or lose it!

And the magic number 21 that means 21 times per month for good male health! 


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